S1E0 17 June 2020

The Pilot - Rest & Action

Finding that balance between stress and lethargy


Rest, the elusive potion that inspires and recharges. Rest can't be summoned or induced, but only accepted and gently welcomed. Rest. Allow your intuition to make sense of what your mind can't.

Action, the simple gesture that takes ideas and manifests them in the flesh. Action allows us to mess up, to learn and grow. Action. Engage with the collective to go further than your thoughts can ever take you.

Without rest, we don't have the energy to action and without action, we lack the release to find rest.

Welcome to a quick pause. A weekly podcast offering a moment of reflection, a chance to care for ourselves and to show up for each other.

Each week I'll offer you an inspiration and a practice to try.

For the next week your practice is to notice when you lose the balance between rest and action. Check-in with yourself during the day, or notice when you feel anxious, tired, or overwhelmed.

Which mode are you in? Endless action? Or excessive rest? Commit to doing the opposite for a few minutes. Dance to your favorite song if you need a bit more action, or maybe close your eyes and take a few deep breaths if you need to rest.

That's it. If you want to dive deeper, take out your notebook and write down whatever comes to mind when you listen to the poem at the start.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Now, go on and notice that balance between rest and action.

Until next week,

I'm Jonas Haefele and this was a Quick Pause.

Words and Sounds by Jonas Haefele

A Quick Pause is a production by slow.works

Music used: Monday Meditation by Wayne Kinos