S1E5 22 July 2020

Sharing is Caring

What happens when we share without intention?


It's a hot summer day, we're in my grandma's kitchen. She has bought some fresh strawberries from the local farmer. The smell of strawberries mixes with the smell of an old house that has witnessed many decades come and go. She washes the strawberries and meticulously cuts out the stems. Skillfully, her wrinkled hands cut the berries into quarters and collect them in a heavy glass jar.

I'm watching every step.

A light sprinkle of sugar - just enough to give the flavor a tiny boost she says - and then she plunges the immersion blender into the berries.

The red and white pattern of the strawberry quarters turns into a swirl of red goodness.

We sit outside on a bench, it's hot, but the umbrella protects us from the sun.

Grandma pours some of the strawberry sauce on a flat plate, hands us a spoon and for the next few minutes the only thing you hear is the clicking of the spoon on the plates, the occasional satisfied mmmm and the buzzing of the bumblebees in the lavender bush.

Welcome to a quick pause. A weekly podcast offering a moment of reflection, a chance to care for ourselves and to show up for each other.

Each week I'll offer you an inspiration and a practice to try.

Sharing is caring. We've hard it so much that the phrase lost much of it's meaning.

Sharing became so much easier. All it takes is a mobile phone and a social media account to share anything with anyone.

What get's lost when we share without intention?

This week I invite you to observe what yo share online and why you share it.

Are you sharing something that's valuable to you, that could be valuable to others, too?

Or are you sharing to receive praise and attention from others?

And maybe you decide to take one of those moments offline.

Can you find a moment this week where you share both the burden and the joy with a select few?

Maybe you cook and eat a meal together?

Or you have a potluck where everyone brings their signature dish and shares it's origin story?

Or maybe you have a part workout with a friend and share exercise tips?

That's it for this week.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Now, go on, find someone go share your strawberries with.

Until next week,

I'm Jonas Haefele and this was a Quick Pause.

Words and Sounds by Jonas Haefele

A Quick Pause is a production by slow.works

Music used: Monday Meditation by Wayne Kinos