S1E4 15 July 2020


What becomes of self-care when we share it with the world? What if no one likes my #self-care post? Can you be just with your self?


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Your self is not a product, nor is it hashtag.

Your self does not evolve through consumption, nor does it restore by broadcasting your life.

Your self is like that friend, who only speaks after a moment of silence.

Your self wants a treat that you can neither buy or share. It wants your full attention.

Welcome to a quick pause. A weekly podcast offering a moment of reflection, a chance to care for ourselves and to show up for each other.

Each week I'll offer you an inspiration and a practice to try.

This week's practice is really simple. But that is what makes it hard.

We're so used to spending our time online, creating a personal brand, buying products that help us express ourselves, liking and sharing everything.

And yet, we struggle to find a concise, honest answer when we're asked about our passion, our values or our purpose. Yeah, those big ones...

So, this week I challenge you to block out some time for yourself. Put it in your calendar. Tell your loved ones that you can't be distracted. Turn your phone off. Yes, completely off. Maybe you get bored, maybe you instinctively know what you want to do for your self. Take as long as you need. You'll know when you're done.

Just: Don't give up after 5 minutes. It might be hard to get into. Don't just go buy things. Do something, or make something. Don't take photos to "document" it. Don't share it on insta or your social of choice.

Just take a moment for your self. You're worth it.

That's it. Let me know how you got on. And if you liked it, share it with a friend who could use a quick pause, too.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Now, go on give your self that moment of care.

Until next week,

I'm Jonas Haefele and this was a Quick Pause.

Words and Sounds by Jonas Haefele

A Quick Pause is a production by slow.works

Music used: Monday Meditation by Wayne Kinos