S1E1 24 June 2020

Quick to Do

What are you quick to do?


I stand with you. Not just today, But for a lifetime.

Let's not be quick to judge but quick to love.

As we all learn how to be human once again.

Welcome to a quick pause. A weekly podcast offering a moment of reflection, a chance to care for ourselves and to show up for each other.

Each week I'll give you an inspiration and a practice to try.

This week's poem came to me when I was reflecting the year so far. It's been intense for a lot of us. I was thinking back to my grandfather's funeral in early January, revisiting the words he left us to make sure no-one was forgotten and everyone was acknowledged. Remembering his generosity and his ability to accept everyone for who they were. He was generations ahead of his time.

I also felt the many contradictions that Covid brought to our world.
Isolating not because you want to, but because we care for our neighbours. Missing people, craving connection, clapping for our carers and how we suddenly forgot about it.

Reflecting on racial injustice, how to create systemic change, and the real meaning of life-long learning.

That afternoon I watched an insta story by the wonderful Tabitha Brown, in which she asked "What are you quick to do? Are you quick to judge, or quick to love?" These wise words helped me tie all these thoughts and emotions together.

They aren't new ideas or feelings. But with the volume of daily life dialled back to the minimum, we now have the opportunity to really tune in. To inquire how we want to emerge on the other side of this world-wide pause.

So for the next week your practice is to notice the things you're quick to do. The moments you judge – others or maybe yourself –, when you react before you realize what's going on, get caught up in things, get excited.

Try not to label them good or bad, just notice. What are you quick to do?

Write it down, as soon as you notice, or maybe you take a few minutes every evening. Paper is best, apps if you must.

That's it. If you want to dive deeper, take out your notebook and write down whatever comes to mind when you listen to the poem at the start.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Now, go on, notice what you're quick to do.

Until next week,

I'm Jonas Haefele and this was a Quick Pause.

Words and Sounds by Jonas Haefele

Hear the wonderful Tabitha Brown talk about the things you're quick to do

A Quick Pause is a production by slow.works

Music used: Monday Meditation by Wayne Kinos